FY 2019-2020 Town of Blowing Rock Proposed Budget

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Budget Message

Fund Summaries

Assessed Valuation Summary                   

General Fund Revenues


General Fund Expenditures:                      

4110     Governing Body

4130     Administration and Finance  
4200    Central Government

4260    Public Buildings & Grounds                                   
4310     Police

4340    Emergency Services               
4350    Planning and Inspections

4500    Public Works & Utilities - Street Division
4700    Public Works & Utilities - Sanitation &      
             Recycling Division 
6100    Parks & Recreation/Landscape

BRAAC Fund Revenues/Expenditures

Water and Sewer Fund Revenues

Water and Sewer Fund Expenditures:     

7110   Administrative/Engineering/Billing

7120   Public Works & Utilities - Water and Sewer 
           Plant & Field Operations

General Capital and Utility Capital Fund Revenues and Expenditures


Other Budget Items:

Appendix 1    Occupancy Tax Budget     

Appendix 2    Schedule of Fees/Charges

Appendix 3    Authorized Position Allocation
                        Summary/Salary Ranges

 Appendix 4   Debt Service Schedule

Appendix 5    Capital Improvement

Appendix 6    Budget Summary Graphs

Appendix 7    Budget Ordinance

Appendix 8    Account Code Detailed Descriptions