Water & Sewer Plant and Field Operations

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7190 Valley Blvd, Hwy. 321
PO Box 47
Blowing Rock, NC 28605
Water Plant Phone: (828) 295-5225
Water Plant Fax: (828) 295-5202
Sewer Plant Phone: (828) 295-5226
Sewer Plant Fax:(828) 295-5202
Public Works/Utilities Director: Mr. Mike Wilcox

Description and Responsibilities

The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the operation of a Water Treatment Plant, the operation and maintenance of the water distribution system, the operation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system.

Water Plant

The 1.0 MGD Water Treatment Plant (expandable to 2.0 MGD) was constructed in 1978 and receives water from the Town’s 45-47 million gallon pond on Brickhouse Creek, with Chetola Lake serving as a backup water source during times of drought. The plant is located along U.S. Highway 321 just south of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The facility is a traditional treatment process including alum addition, flocculation, settling and filtration. Corrosion control is also utilized prior to distribution to the residents using phosphates.

The Town’s service area is entirely south of the Water Treatment Plant. Finished water is pumped to a high elevation, then allowed to gravity feed into the service area. The Green Hill tank, capacity 3.0 MGD, is the means of control at the highest point of the system. A number of pressure reducing valves have been placed in the system to control maximum pressures for the residents.

The Town also has an interconnection with the Town of Boone that is available for use.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Town of Blowing Rock operates a Wastewater Treatment Plant very near the Water Treatment Plant and utilizes a discharge to the Middle Fork of the New River. The plant is rated for capacity of .800 MGD, but could be expanded to a service capacity of 1.2 MGD. The original plant was constructed in 1960 and refurbished and expanded in 1989. The facility is fed by four (4) sewer system lift stations that handle the entire volume of wastewater generated by the community. The facility is of concrete construction and is set up for extended aeration treatment. The plant operators sample the water discharge everyday and also send samples out three times per week to an independent testing lab to insure environmental compliance.

Water & Sewer Field Operations Division

The Field Operations division is responsible for all water and sewer taps, leak repair and water line installation. This department is also responsible for all water meter reading in the town on a bi-monthly basis. In addition, this department maintains the water distribution system and the wastewater collection system. 

There are approximately 2,205 water meters and 1,722 sewer taps in the system. The water distribution system consists of approximately 22 miles of lines. The wastewater collection system consists of approximately 15.8 miles of gravity sewer lines and 3.4 miles of pressure sewer. There are four (4) wastewater lift-stations: Mayview, Chetola, Chestnut and Quail Hollow.

Staffing and Schedules

A Director of Water & Wastewater Plant Operations, two (2) Senior Plant Operators, and a Plant Operator are assigned to Water Plant and Wastewater Plant Divisions. The personnel work a varied schedule to meet the service demands of the utility.

Three (3) Heavy Equipment Operators and an Equipment Operator I are assigned to the Water & Sewer - Field Operations Division. The division uses other employees, as needed, for the reading of water meters.  The personnel work a standard 40 hour week schedule and are on call for emergency repairs.