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Tony Wall and Badge

 Chief Tony Jones

Aaron New Wall and Badge

 Captain Aaron Miller

 Dan New wall anhttp://www.townofblowingrocknc.gov/Project/FileCenter/Temp/Upload/Async/Image/SBPMRPRB/Thumbail/22a474f11cac4bbe8f52847ece734b4f.jpgd Badge

 Lieutenant Dan White

 Sharon Wall and Badge

Administrative Asst. Sharon VanDyke

Mike Barfoot

 Parking Enforcement Mike Barfoot


 Officer Bobby Canter

 Darin New Wall and Badge

 Officer Darin Church

 Lance wall

 Officer Lance Dotson

 Mike Fox Wall and Badge

 Officer Mike Fox

Caleb Hildebran







Officer Caleb Hildebran   

James New wall and Badge

 Officer James Holman

 Deyton Wall and Badge

 Officer Deyton Turpin