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Grant Administration Services

Post Date:02/05/2018 4:43 PM

Town of Blowing Rock


Request for Qualifications for Grant Administration Services

NC FLAP BLWRK 321(1): US Highway 321 Multi-Use Trail for Middle Fork Greenway,


The Town of Blowing Rock has been awarded Eastern Federal Lands Access Program (EFLAP) funding to support the development of NC FLAP BLWRK 321(1): US Highway 321 Multi-Use Trail Construction for Middle Fork Greenway.


The Town Board is requesting qualifications for grant administration services to assist the governing body in the administration and management of this project in compliance with all applicable requirements under Federal Highway Administration and North Carolina Department of Transportation requirements.


RFQ Release Date:  February 5, 2018

RFQ Response Due Date:  March 2nd, 2018

Submission Details:  Submissions must include the information requested in this RFQ on (1) digital copy sent via email to Ed Evans at and three (3) paper copies delivered to the Town of Blowing Rock, Attn: Ed Evans, Town Manager, RE: Middle Fork Greenway EFLAP RFQ, 1036 Main Street, PO Box 47, Blowing Rock, NC 28605.


Request for qualifications is located on the Town’s website;

Request for Qualifications

Grant Administration Services

NC FLAP BLWRK 321(1): US Highway 321 Multi-Use Trail for Middle Fork Greenway

Town of Blowing Rock, Watauga County, North Carolina


Project Description

The Town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina is seeking Requests for Qualifications from well-qualified funding administrative services firms to manage, administer, and provide reporting and compliance for Federal Lands Access Program funds to be used for a greenway construction project including but not limited to an 8-10-foot wide multi-use trail, bridge and highway overlap, and related amenities for a 1.2-mile section of the Middle Fork Greenway. The project is funded through a Federal Lands Access Program and involves the Blue Ridge Parkway, the National Park Service and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The trail project is part of a regional greenway project to connect the Towns of Blowing Rock and Boone via several trails and will be designed to meet future connectivity requirements.

The Town seeks qualifications from qualified firms with a proven track record in providing grant administration services for projects subject to federal reporting requirements.

This work is being performed under a Memorandum of Agreement between FHWA Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (EFLHD), North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and Town of Blowing Rock, NC. The selected firm should have experience in managing projects in accordance with state and federal requirements of these agencies.

The firm will be expected to provide project management, compliance documents, financial and project reporting, and other services and to work closely with the firm selected for design and construction services.

Grant administration services shall include, but shall not be limited to, standard tasks generally necessary for the implementation of the project in conformance with federal compliance, such as:


  1. Coordination of Environmental Review Compliance with the selected design professional.

  2. Coordination of Release of Funds and other conditions stipulated in the Town’s contract;

  3. Citizen Participation Compliance; 

  4. Equal Employment and Procurement Compliance;

  5. Section 3 Compliance;

  6. Labor Standards Compliance;

  7. Completion of all required reports and documentation;

  8. Assistance with Financial Reimbursements Forms; and

  9. Setting up and managing official records;


The services will not include the disbursement or account of funds distributed by the Town’s financial officer, legal advice, fiscal audits, or assistance with activities not related to the project.


Scope of Services

The Town seeks a firm with demonstrated skills in:

  • Grants management, including grant administration, reporting, and grant writing;

  • Project management, including the knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure that project timelines, budgets, and reporting are managed successfully;

  • Stakeholder involvement and coordination, a particularly important component of this management contract, as several federal, state, and local agencies are cooperating to perform the work; and

  • Communication, facilitating a close working relationship with other consultant firms, Town staff and representatives, and federal and state representatives.


Proposal Outline (20-page submission max)

  1. Qualifications, Experience and Capabilities: Describe the firm’s qualification and capabilities for completing the services outlined in this request for qualifications.   Include services associated with managing federal grants, and grant reporting. Include project summaries of relevant projects completed in the region. Summarize the scope of work and provide client contact information.

  2. Key Staff Assigned to Project: Provide an organization chart identifying personnel assigned to the project, including their roles and anticipated level of involvement. Personnel identified in the proposal must be the principal staff that will work on the project and represent the majority of hours billed to the project.

  3. History of Company: Full disclosure regarding the company status, and status of parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors as potential responsible parties, including but not limited to:

      • Business Background;  

      • Legal name of business;  

      • Age of business;  

      • Names, addresses, and position of all persons having a financial interest in the company;  

      • State of formation;

      • Number of employees; and

      • Licenses and certifications as called for in the below section.

  1. Professional Practice:

      • Has your firm ever been cited by any authority for unscrupulous practice?

      • Does your firm have any past or present suits with ay current or former customer? Explain as necessary.

      • Has your firm, including parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors, ever been or are currently disbarred from receiving Federal Funds?

  1. References: Provide three (3) references from clients for which the firm has provided similar services.



All inquiries and questions regarding this RFQ should be directed to Ed Evans via email to no later than February 12, at 5:00 p.m.


Written submittals must be received no later than February 16, at 4:00 p.m. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.


Submissions should be limited to 20 pages of content total and must include the information requested in this RFQ on (1) digital copy sent via email to Ed Evans at and three (3) paper copies delivered to the Town of Blowing Rock, Attn: Ed Evans, Town Manager, RE: Middle Fork Greenway EFLAP RFQ, 1036 Main Street, PO Box 47, Blowing Rock, NC 28605.

The selected firm will be notified by phone. Firms not selected will be notified via email.

Council Approval
The Town Council must approve all contracts and negotiations in accordance with state and local law.

Contract Agreements
Contracts with the selected firm will be negotiated and executed immediately after selection.

Selection Criteria
Firms submitting an RFQ to perform the requested services will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated Capacity. Past performance of firm, as well as project manager and other team members; availability of team members; extent of other completed projects of similar scope and magnitude. 

  • Prior Experience of Firm with Federal Reporting and Compliance Experience.

  • Proposed Work Program and Deliverables: Consultant understanding of the assignment and quality of response to proposed work program and deliverables.

  • Communications: Consultant organization of materials and completeness of response; writing skills and design skills as evidenced in the RFQ submission.

  • References: Confirmation that consultant has performed similar work successfully, including an assessment of ability to produce quality products within a designated time frame, run effective meetings, work with staff, stakeholders, and elected officials, and comply with federal and state funding requirements and regulations.

  • Minority and/or Women Business Enterprise Participation


Firms located more than 150 miles from the project site will not be considered qualified firms for the purpose of this project.

The selection of a firm to provide the desired services on this specific project will be handled in accordance with the following process:


  1. Submission of qualifications by administrative/management consulting firms.

  2. The Town anticipates selection of a firm based on qualifications.



Ed Evans, Town Manager, Town of Blowing Rock

1036 Main Street | PO Box 47 | Blowing Rock, NC  28605

Website:  | Email:

Phone:  (828) 295-5200 | Fax:  (828) 295-5202



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